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Version V119 All of carlabimmo 's CAN transmission solutions in one emulator! Julie Lite supports ECUs with CAN transmission mounted on the following car brands: Fiat Group | Group | PSA Group | Mercedes | Groupe Renault
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Xhorse VVDI Super Chip XT27A66

The XHORSE VVDI Universal Super Chip XDCST0EN is a virtually universal transponder chip that, when paired with VVDI2, VVDI Key Tool, VVDI Mini Key Tool, VVDI Key Tool Max has the ability to become a wide variety of automotive transponder chips.
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Xhorse VVDI2 full version FULL


FULL VVDI2 version for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche/PSA/Remotes Add BMW FEM/BDC/

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Xhorse VVDI2 is the programming device that includes all the functions of VVDI. Remote generation, chip identification, and connection stability have been improved to optimize your work. Also, you don't need to connect VVDI2 to your computer or other devices to identify the chip or detect the remote.

More Compatible Vehicles

While VVDI only supports the diagnostic function for vehicles of the group, with VVDI2 you can have multi-brand vehicle diagnostics. This programmer supports vehicle IMMO programming and online software update. With VVDI2 you don't need to buy other OBD tools specifically for other vehicle brands, because it includes all the functionalities you need.

The main feature of VVDI2 remote control frequency is to detect the remote frequency. Here are more details:

Automatically identifies chip type

Multi-function support in VW vehicles

Reading BMW ISN

Key Programmer

Remote Programmer

J2534 Compatible Adapter

Detects the frequency of the key, automatically identifying the type of chip

The test result can be seen on the screen of the mail unit, no need to connect a computer

It is compatible with the diagnostic function of vehicles in the group. Read and write the Immo4/Immo5 system. Key to

learning. Remote BCM Program

It supports OBD functions in BMW vehicles

Correct odometer

Generate Key

Unlock key

Fix CAS Computer

Key Programmer

Programming Key Chip

Generate Specialized Chips

Immobilizer Data Processing Tool

Other Key Tools

Generate Remote Control

Passthru J2534 Introduction

With the built-in switch array, it supports third-party diagnostic software, including: ODIS, Toyota TIS techstream, etc. To perform the VVDI2 diagnostic function, the third-party diagnostic software must support the J2534 function.

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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad

KEY TOOL PLUS PAD is a professional locksmith tool that integrates the core functions of remote controls and chips, anti-theft matching, programming, accessory replacement, maintenance reset, etc., and includes future expansion capabilities.
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Xhorse Mini OBD tool

MINI OBD TOOL is a multi-function vehicle programming tool with vehicle diagnostics. Immo programming, tire pressure light reset, maintenance light reset, etc. The MINI OBD TOOL can be connected with specific software or hardware via WIFI - WLAN or interface

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VVDI Key Tool Max

KEY TOOL MAX is a professional smart device with multi-function communication interface, Bluetooth and WIFI integrated inside, which is convenient to connect the XHORSE key cutting machine, MINI OBD TOOL and other products to perform specific operations. This device adopts an HD LCD screen with a clear, easy-to-use, and flexible interface.
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