The return period in our online store is 14 days from receipt of the order.

Under no circumstances should the customer return the goods by their own means. Master-Ecu will not be held responsible for the goods if the customer returns them by their own means.

To return any item from our online store you must log in to your account, click on the "History and details of my orders" button, select the order that contains items to be returned, mark the product and the quantity to be returned and briefly fill in the reason for the return. The system will guide you to the next step and you will shortly receive detailed instructions on how to return your products.

Here's how to proceed in each case:

1. Product damaged during shipping

When you receive the product, you should check it well. If you find that it has been damaged during shipment, you must inform the courier as soon as you receive it and return it at the same time. If you detect damage after delivery, request a return through the "My Order History & Details" section.

2. Wrong product

In the event that we have made a mistake in the shipment of the product, you have 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order to return it to us. Please request the return through the "My Order History & Details" section.

3. Defective Product

For the return due to defective product, it will first be necessary to verify the defect of the part by sending photos in which it is verified that the element is really damaged or deteriorated. From here on, everything is up to us. Request the return through the "My Order History & Details" section.

4. Product Doesn't Meet Your Expectations

If you receive the product and it doesn't respond to what you were looking for, don't worry, you can return it within 14 calendar days of receiving it. To do this, simply contact Master-Ecu through the "My Order History and Details" section. It is necessary that the product is in perfect condition with all its packaging and accessories.

After having received the goods in our warehouse and checked their condition, you will get a refund of the amount of your order, deducting transport costs, by bank transfer or return to your debit / credit card or to your PayPal account, depending on how you have made the payment for said item.

Do not forget to keep the original packaging, because if you do not return the product in the original packaging, the product will suffer depreciation. We recommend that, in case of returning the product already opened, you re-pack it very well with all the protections with which we supply it from Master-Ecu and avoid damaging the original packaging of the product with packing tape etc...; Keep in mind that it can later suffer blows in transport and if we receive it badly damaged we will have to apply an extra cost for this depreciation of the product.

5. What are the return costs?

If you return a product to us due to an error on the part of Master-Ecu, i.e. damaged, deteriorated, defective product or shipping error, we will always bear all the costs of the return.


All products come with a 3-year warranty for consumers or users. In the event of a defective product, Master-Ecu will be responsible for all necessary costs for repair, replacement or refund of the amount as applicable. All these procedures are free of charge for the consumer. 

This Warranty includes freight, material and labor, but according to the Consumer Goods Warranty Act, the characteristics of the product are excluded from its coverage, as well as the damages caused by its misuse.

This warranty does not include deficiencies caused by negligence, shocks, improper use or handling, improper installation not carried out by the authorised installer where applicable, or materials subject to wear and tear due to normal use.

Excluded from this warranty are "tailor-made" products and services, e.g. file modification service, license activations to a specific tool serial number, software download (once completed) etc.

The warranty will lose its value:

If any of the data on the same or on the proof of purchase are modified, altered or replaced.

To make use of the warranty, it is essential to present proof of purchase.

At Master-Ecu we want our customers to be satisfied and that is why we have a continuous after-sales service that can be reached through the contact forms available on the website.

The guarantee offered by Master-Ecu complies with the legal requirements of both the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws (TRLGDCU) and Law 3/2014, of 27 March, amending the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users. (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November).

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