With the tool in Master format, you have full control of the readings you make, that is, the file obtained in the reading process is not encrypted, and you can modify it without problem with any editing software on the market.

Master tools are used by experienced users as they need extensive technical knowledge and experience to modify the files themselves, as well as having the appropriate software licenses to make such modifications.


With a tool in Slave format, you have access to all the memories of the PBXs and TCUs as with the Master format, but the files obtained are encrypted, and in case you need to modify them, only your assigned Master can do so. If you use the tool to clone drives, for example, you can do it without any problem without having to go to your Master.

The Slave tools are designed for users who are just starting out in this sector and who want to start working from day one, with the file modification service of the assigned Master, being able to enhance a vehicle from the first moment without the need to buy editing software or have a lot of technical knowledge.

A Slave tool can be upgraded to Master, so when a user acquires the knowledge and skill necessary to make the modifications themselves can transform their Slave to Master.

In short...


  1. Experienced user.
  2. Full control of readings.
  3. Higher financial outlay.
  4. Need to own editing software licenses.


  1. Beginner user.
  2. Modification of readings by Master.
  3. Lower financial outlay.
  4. Start working from minute 1 without purchasing software licenses.


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