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Version V119 All of carlabimmo 's CAN transmission solutions in one emulator! Julie Lite supports ECUs with CAN transmission mounted on the following car brands: Fiat Group | Group | PSA Group | Mercedes | Groupe Renault
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Xhorse VVDI Super Chip XT27A66

The XHORSE VVDI Universal Super Chip XDCST0EN is a virtually universal transponder chip that, when paired with VVDI2, VVDI Key Tool, VVDI Mini Key Tool, VVDI Key Tool Max has the ability to become a wide variety of automotive transponder chips.
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MAGBench Mini - Jig Tool MAGICMOTORSPORT - 1
  • MAGBench Mini - Jig Tool MAGICMOTORSPORT - 1
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MAGBench Mini - Jig Tool


Best choice for Boot, BDM, and Jtag programming mode

FLK12 is the original Magic MotorSport MAGBench Mini kit that includes:

FLX1.12 - MAGBench Mini Jig Tool - 1 piece

MP1.12-08 - Suitcase - 1 piece

MP1.12-09 - Cable Kit -1 piece

FLX4.51-BLK - Adjustable Pogo Pin Probe - 5 pieces

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MAGBench Mini allows you to work on engine control units and automatic transmission units, as well as any other electronic unit.

The polycarbonate top panel and supplied probes ensure precise and secure connections.

In addition, by changing the tool installed on the second arm, you will be able to reach all corners of your workspace by rotating on its axis.

The terminal block is designed for those who need to program, power and meter, also in combination. Adjustable pin probes, designed ad hoc for the top panel, allow error-proof connections to work in complete safety.

The innovative "click" system of the probes ensures high protection of the electrical elements without the need for pressure.

A versatile tool that adapts to all your needs. It can be attached to any support or surface. It can be taken anywhere, thanks to its light weight, and is easily carried in the handy case provided.

It is possible to use MAGBench Mini in three working positions:

1. Programming mode: with the help of probes

2. Welding mode: by installing additional tools

3. Measurement mode: using the terminal block

Technical Information:

Patented polycarbonate top panel

Two articulated arms

Rotary system in brass and alloy

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Kit Universal MAGBench FULL

Set included: FLK08 allows connection with any ECU thanks to its slotted top panel and pogo pin probes. FLK04: BDM Programming Adapter Kit FLX4.10: Articulated arm for FLEXible bench. FLX4.10G: This adapter allows you to program Toyota Group vehicles (including Denso 175822-xxx).
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