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Version V119 All of carlabimmo 's CAN transmission solutions in one emulator! Julie Lite supports ECUs with CAN transmission mounted on the following car brands: Fiat Group | Group | PSA Group | Mercedes | Groupe Renault
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Xhorse VVDI Super Chip XT27A66

The XHORSE VVDI Universal Super Chip XDCST0EN is a virtually universal transponder chip that, when paired with VVDI2, VVDI Key Tool, VVDI Mini Key Tool, VVDI Key Tool Max has the ability to become a wide variety of automotive transponder chips.
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BMW Cas2 Cas3 Cas3+ Master-Ecu ELV Emulator - 1
  • BMW Cas2 Cas3 Cas3+ Master-Ecu ELV Emulator - 1
  • ELV Emulator BMW Cas2 Cas3 Cas3+ Master-Ecu - 2
  • BMW Cas2 Cas3 Cas3+ Master-Ecu - 3 ELV Emulator

ELV BMW Cas2 Cas3 Cas3+ Emulator


ELV ESL Steering Lock Emulator Simulator for CAS2 CAS3 and CAS3+ Systems in E84, E87, E90, E91, E92, E93, E60, E61, E63 and E64 Series and also Mini R55, R56

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General Instructions:

-Confirm that the steering wheel is unlocked and therefore the vehicle is working.

-Remove the 4-wire connector from the vehicle's ELV.

-Connect the vehicle's cable to the emulator.


- In some cases you need to clear the error codes in the CAS and ELV fault counters with diagnostic tool.

It should be installed by a knowledgeable mechanic and error codes should be reset with diagnostic tools.

-This emulator will fix your problem as long as you have your diagnosed ELV faulty:

It is designed to emulate a steering lock in operation, very useful for locating faults in the system and being able to start the vehicle before the original ELV can be replaced.

Attention!: the use of the emulator is recommended only for professionals with the appropriate equipment for its programming and adaptation.
Please, if you do not have the necessary knowledge and experience, do not buy it and entrust the work to a professional.
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