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Version V119 All of carlabimmo 's CAN transmission solutions in one emulator! Julie Lite supports ECUs with CAN transmission mounted on the following car brands: Fiat Group | Group | PSA Group | Mercedes | Groupe Renault
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Xhorse VVDI Super Chip XT27A66

The XHORSE VVDI Universal Super Chip XDCST0EN is a virtually universal transponder chip that, when paired with VVDI2, VVDI Key Tool, VVDI Mini Key Tool, VVDI Key Tool Max has the ability to become a wide variety of automotive transponder chips.
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Doosan DPF Emulator
  • Doosan DPF Emulator

Doosan DPF Emulator


All Doosan vehicles with Kubota engines with DPF

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The Doosan DPF  emulator is a device that completely removes the DPF system from your Doosan motor vehicle. You can remove all DPF errors from your vehicle with this emulator. You can even completely remove the DPF filter to relax the vehicle's exhaust system.  

emulador doosan dpf

Doosan is a large engine manufacturer. In this way, it has a variety of forklifts and work machines. There are 2 models in the forklift series that use adblue liquid and non-adblue liquid.
It's very easy to troubleshoot the exhaust system on Doosan models that only have DPFs.

As a Doosan DPF emulator, the DPF's temperature 1 , temperature 2 , temperature 3 and differential pressure sensors are simulated. Using the Doosan DPF emulator will be a quick and reliable solution. Doosan's Exhaust Temperature 1, Exhaust Temperature 2 and Exhaust Temperature 3 sensors are easy to distort because they are in the exhaust.  Failure of one of these units will result in a loss of torque in your vehicle.    

Doosan DPF failure causes vehicle torque limitation and vehicle failure.
Doosan pressure sensor failure can often be caused by errors caused by DPF congestion in your vehicle. With the Doosan DPF emulator, vehicle torque limitation is eliminated and time, cost and workload are reduced.

Use the DPF emulator for temperature sensor errors and completely avoid malfunction by simulating the exhaust system. The Doosan DPF filter is located in the exhaust outlet section and between the Doosan DPF pressure sensors. The Doosan DPF filter has very small pores. In this way, it has been used to reduce the dirty air passing through the exhaust until it reaches the emissions standard.

Since the Doosan DPF filter has a very low porosity, it can become clogged with soot after about 4 hours. As a result of the soot level of the Doosan DPF filter, the vehicle will not function properly and after a while, it may not be able to function by limiting torque. In the event of a power outage, the DPF filter must be removed and cleaned by authorized persons. This leads to high costs and wasted time. It is enough to use the Doosan DPF emulator to fix errors such as the DPF error or the temperature sensor.

After the process, the DPF screen will appear blank and the DPF will remain clean. No warnings or errors will appear on the DPF screen. With the Doosan DPF emulator, you will not receive any warning from the exhaust system. Errors from the Doosan temperature sensors, pressure difference sensor, and DPF filter will not appear. In addition, the removed sensors may have been recovered after installation.

The components they simulated with the Doosan DPF emulator:

  • 3x Exhaust Temperature Sensors
  • 1x DPF Pressure Sensor

Models compatible with the DPF emulator:

  • All Doosan vehicles with Kubota engines.
  • Hyster Forklift
  • Yale Forklift
  • D1803
  • V2403
  • V2607
  • V3307
  • V3800
  • V6108 Motor Vehicles
¡Atención!: el uso del emulador de adblue es para fines de prueba/diagnóstico. Cuando se utiliza el emulador de adblue, su vehículo no cumplirá con los estándares euro4, euro5 y euro6. The purchase of this device is a personal decision. Our company is not responsible for any legal issues that arise from this decision if it is not used for the stated purpose of testing/diagnosis.
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